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Free shipping for all orders $45 & above!

Privacy Policy

Goo Bucket understands that your privacy is important and will ensure that as far as possible, any personal information that is collected through this Web site is used only for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy.


This Privacy Policy explains Goo Bucket's policy in relation to the handling of personal information that may be collected on this Web site.

Specifications of Use

Whenever Goo Bucket requests for personal information, the purpose for which the information will be used is specified in advance, and the use is restricted to that purpose. If Goo Bucket should ever desire to use your personal information for purposes other than that specified, it will inform you of the additional purposes. All individuals have the right to withhold consent to the use of personal information for additional purposes.

You may withhold consent if you do not wish to provide Goo Bucket with personal information, though doing so may prevent access to certain services that Goo Bucket provides.

Non-Disclosure to Third-Parties

In principle, Goo Bucket does not disclose personal information to third-parties, except under the following circumstances:

  1. When expressed consent to do so is received from the individual whose personal information is in Goo Bucket's care;
  2. When an enquiry concerning a product or service can be more appropriately handled by an Goo Bucket-affiliated company that is responsible for that product or service;
  3. When Goo Bucket consigns activities such as promotional campaigns to other entities, in which cases, personal information is covered by the terms of a non-disclosure agreement; and
  4. When a judicial order or the like obliges Goo Bucket to disclose personal information.

Management of Personal Information

Goo Bucket will take the appropriate steps to protect the personal information you share with us. Strict security measures are in place to ensure that personal information is securely saved and kept from misuse or improper alteration.

Other Notes

This Privacy Policy only applies to Goo Bucket and does not apply to third-parties. Please contact each entity for details of its privacy program.

Goo Bucket strictly observes all applicable Singapore laws regarding the handling and protection of all personal information that it receives.

Goo Bucket may revise this Privacy Policy in order to better protect personal information or conform to changes in the relevant Singapore laws.

Goo Bucket cannot be held responsible for the security of your personal information on other web sites that are linked to this Web site.

If you have any comments or questions about this Privacy Policy, or wish to change or remove your personal information, please contact Goo Bucket.